Nicola Hill is an award winning creative photographer based in Ednaston, Derbyshire. Nicola has practised photography for almost 20 years, and spent several years in Sydney, Australia, where she worked and trained with a Canon Gold Award winning Photographer and completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at the prestigious National Art School.

Her work has appeared in art galleries, won photography awards and her series 'On Territory Time' featured in the Qantas international magazine.

Nicola is now based in Derbyshire England with her young family and has resumed her passion for photography here.

Nicola seeks out unique, simple and beautiful scenarios in miscellaneous settings, from derelict urban sites to rural farms. Her objective: to make people stop for a moment, and realign themselves with the true essence of beauty through her images.

Her work is strongly influenced by nature and her surrounds, but one can often detect a deeper, even spiritual resonance to the work.

Images are available as fine art prints, mounted and framed, often in collectible limited edition runs. For all purchase enquiries, contact Nicola.